Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More painting

Been busy finishing the painting in Kasey's room today, pleased that it is all finished now. I have put her bed and drawers back where they belong and rehung her blinds, her carpet comes next Tuesday, and then just waiting for her cupboard and will decorate her room and bring some of her things back....not all, as I am going to use this as an opportunity to cull a large proportion of her things and make things much more manageable in her room for both her and me! Toni did the same When i painted her room, and so far she is managing to keep it really tidy as she isn't overwhelmed with so much stuff....good for her allergies,asthma and hay fever too, as less things to collect dust.
So 3 rooms nearly done, still a long way to go to finish the whole house though, but step by step and we'll get there. Damian comes home from working away this week, so he will probably make a start on the main bathroom when he gets back. I have got to order the rest of the tiles for the rest of the house as I want them the same all the way through. Sitting down with a cuppa for a few minutes recovering and then better lock the chooks up, light the fire and get dinner organised...lots to do...

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