Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Putting the chickens to work today...

I have put the chickens out to work today....they are all in the vege garden for the day, weeding and eating the bugs and slugs, and contributing some fertiliser to the soil! They will be in there for a week or so, cleaning it all up for me, I will put them back in their pen at night and they can go back in to the garden each morning.  They love to do it...I don' everyone is happy :)  The plan is to build a moveable chicken run so they can concentrate on 1 area at a time in the future, and turn it over and weed it for me in preparation for new plantings.  Everything here is sooo wet and is very overcast today but no rain so far...hopefully things can dry out a  little before the next lot of rain comes our way...I am going to tidy up a little today and put the Christmas tree away and re-organise the sewing table a bit. I have managed to get through most of the leftovers from Xmas day, just a little bit of chicken to use up, which I will make in to a creamy thai curry for dinner tonight.  I had better do the floors this morning as well.... now I just need the energy to do it all..

The girls hard at work

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  1. Wish I had chickens to weed my garden and get rid of bugs.......maybe next year.
    I hope the rain has eased a little up your way.