Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bugger......forgot again...

arrghhh...I have forgotten Kasey's full dress rehearsal this afternoon for their Christmas ballet concert next week....I have rushed her down there an hour late :(  but they are still running through another time yet....I felt pretty silly running Kasey in there, and the teacher was very gracious, but what she was thinking I don't know, I forgot her normal weekly class last week as well, as I am still getting used to her having classes on a Monday....  I thought I was so organised today, I was busy making lots of phone calls and organising things I have put off for months, I made some soap, and went and organised the quote to get the car fixed from where it was damaged when it went in for a service recently, I just forgot to write today's rehearsal in my diary..... where is my organisation???  Whoever stole it....I want it back.......

1 comment:

  1. I often find when everything is going smoothly, there is something I have forgotten to do:0).
    At least you got her there(a bit late)