Thursday, December 2, 2010

New soap varieties and shapes, and my xmas endeavours so far....

I made some soaps a few weeks back.  I used my log mould, which yielded 11 bars, and a new rose mould I purchased, which made 6 soaps.  I used red clay to make a dark browny colour, as I used a chocolate essential oil, and I used mango essential oils in the rose ones. I probably won't used the chocolate one again, I think I prefer fresher smells for our soap.  Some of the rose ones are for Christmas gifts, and the rest will be for our personal use along with the bars.  I made some more soap yesterday, with vanilla essential oils, which I will post photos of next week.

I really enjoy making soap, and would like to start experimenting with different scents etc and different colours and textures.  Next year when I am making a concious effort to spend more time at home, I am hoping to have lots more time to devote to these type of ventures.  I went and had my hair cut and coloured today, and my eyebrows waxed.  They included eyelash tinting in the price, but I was too claustrophobic to get it done, just the thought of not being able to open my eyes had me freaking out, and I had to tell her not to go ahead with it, and she had to take it off after putting it on just one eyelash....gawd....she must think I'm a nutjob......anyway, made a dent in the Christmas shopping, and I am hoping to finish it all off next week....I am nowhere near finishing my sewing projects I had planned so if there is no way I am going to get those done, then I will have to come up with some other pressies for certain people....will see how I go...

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  1. I have not tried the choc scent but i thought it would be lovely but maybe not all over my body :0). I like the fresh scents too.