Saturday, June 19, 2010

More vege garden updates...

More vege garden updates:

The pumpkin patch:

The 2nd vege garden, sweet potato, rhubarb, corn, potatoes, silverbeet, strawberries, broccoli, english spinach, lettuce:
The new seed potatoes planted in a tub:

Sweet corn:

Strawberry plants


The broccoli are nearly ready:

Silverbeet (sun is shining behind, leaves aren't yellow!)

English Spinach starting to grow:

Green fancy lettuce starting to grow:

My everlasting shallot plant
Tomato bushes starting to grow:

Each time we have a nice pineapple, I try to plant the top, I have about 5-6 growing at the moment, and will continue to add more:

I have lots more planting to do over the next few weeks as time allows. I won't get to the markets in the morning to purchase more seeds due to the wedding expo, but will hopefully aim for next weekend. I must try to plant some seeds in some seed raising mix in the greenhouse some time this week as well.

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