Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday wrap up....

I made Toni's clutch purse yesterday. It is come up really nicely, albeit quite plain.  I am going to embellish it with diamantes etc, so I will post some photos once done. I sat up last night and got my sleepover bag up to date, so now it is ready to finish off at the next class on Wednesday. It is coming up really, really nicely.

Just the top half and the inner lining to go.  This includes a zip and pockets, so it should come up really nicely. The sample bag had bias around the curve of the pocket flaps, but I had real trouble with the bias binding, so I decided to do piping instead, which I like much better anyway...well that's my excuse anyway....  I have a wedding to do the flowers for tomorrow, which I have been working on today. It is an all tulip wedding, so I have done all the wiring and taping and basic construction today, but as tulips continue to grow after they have been cut, they need to be finished on the day of the wedding, as they will usually grow overnight, and be out of place in the morning, so will need adjusting. Then I just need to wrap the stems in ribbon, and they will be done. I will need to deliver these about lunch time, and then we are going to pick Damian up from the airport at 2.30, so I will take Toni and Kasey for some lunch and then head over to the airport. I have also done the construction on the frangipani silk teardrop bouquet for the silk wedding I am working on at present. It has come up beautifully as well, just needs the finishing off of the handle and ribbon.

On a different subject, this is today's harvest. There is an abundance of chillies on the chilli bush at the moment, I am just waiting for them to turn red, and I will pick the rest.  I am placing them in the freezer in a bag at the moment, and I will make some chilli jam once I have enough. I only found out a week or so ago that chillies freeze fine, so I can actually keep them until I have enough for a particular item, which is fantastic.

There is a really little pumpkin here, as I ran over the pumpkin vine last weekend when I mowed as some of it was escaping, and didn't realise there was a pumpkin growing, oops, never mind, it'll do a couple of nights vegies for us.  The chillies are quite a dark red, but I will let them get a little more red before putting them in the freezer with the other chillies. Anyway, I am bushed, so I'm off to bed.

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