Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The slab was poured last Friday, all went well.

The shed construction has been started today, this is where they have gotten up to today. About 1/4 of the frame is standing.

On the weekend we did a trip up to Mt Perry, to have a little look around. We travelled through the Boolboonda tunnel, which was dug entirely by hand. It is also full of bats flying around as you drive through. It was quite interesting and very pretty.


 We had a pretty lazy day on Sunday other than that, and spent most of the afternoon lazing around with hot cups of tea and reading. Yesterday we went to friends for a roast dinner and a relaxing afternoon, which was nice. So a nice long weekend around here. Looking forward to seeing what happens on the shed tomorrow.

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  1. Just need to hold your nose when you go through the tunnel, it can get a wee bit smelly!

    Not a bad feat for those who made it. Starting at both ends when they met in the middle they were only 1/4 inch out. That's without all the modern techno of today.