Friday, September 28, 2012

Farm this and that

I have been up at the farm this week for school holidays. We went out for dinner on Saturday night for our 23rd wedding anniversary. Other than that, the weekend was spent doing a hazard reduction burn at the property. Rick came over on Saturday and helped Damian get the boundaries around the area to burn done to give us nice wide fire breaks, and then Damian and I did the inner area on Sunday morning.
We had a 1000 litre water tank with a fire fighting pump set up on the ute just in case, and we also had a water tank and sprayer on the back of the quad bike. We only did about a 15 acre section at the front of the property for now, which has cleared things up so we can now see all of the trees on the ground around this area, so that we can get them all pushed up, so we can start to maintain it and improve the pasture etc for the cows. Hopefully once this is done, we won't need to burn this area again as it will be less hazardous grasses and less fuel to burn if a bushfire does come through, The previous owner of the property sold off a large amount of spotted gum on the property and when they harvested, they just pushed all the other trees in their wake over as well, which has left us with a nice mess to clean up in a lot of areas. We definitely won't be short of firewood - ever.
One thing that did surprise me was just how hard it was to get some areas to burn, and how some parts burn and others don't.
Kasey and I went looking at floor coverings for the shed on Tuesday, and we then went over to Bargara for some lunch on the beach and an icecream. It surprised me just how expensive vinyl was for the floors, it is actually more expensive than laminated timber flooring. I think I will trawl the auctions over the next couple of weeks to see if I can pick up something there. We went to the movies on Wednesday and yesterday I took Kasey and Adam (Rick and Marina's) to the Bird Park at Childers. The birds there are just beautiful
(Up close and personal with some beautiful birds)

We then went and had woodfired pizza for lunch, and then went to Mamimos for an icecream. Damian had my car yesterday, and he took it to go and get the bullbar and  UHF radio fitted, so we are now all set for farm life here.
The concrete slab is being poured today for the shed...yay...very exciting. Seeing it all starting to slowly come together. The shed will be started to be built next week, as well as the shouse...we might head back home tomorrow for a couple of days to pick up some building materials to bring back on the big trailer so it is here for the builders for when they need it. Otherwise we will do that next weekend.
(Now just waiting for the concrete)

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