Saturday, January 7, 2012

More work on the farm...

Day 1:  Have arrived up back up to the property today after Xmas. The water tank was dropped off at the gully as the truck couldn't get through it, so we will pick it up tomorrow on the truck. Everything looks fine, caravan is good, we have a load of gravel coming in this avo which we will get the machine to push in the morning so the other truck can get through with the septic tank. Tomorrow the septic tank and trenches will be done, and the water tank installed and a load of water coming in.  
Day 2: The septic tank was installed today as was the water tank. It was a very hot day, about 32 degrees...we had an excavator and a bobcat here. The water truck arrived late this afternoon to fill up the tank, so we now have water.
(Digging The Trench)
 (Site Supervisor)
( Damian on the excavator)
 (Filling the septic tank with water)

 (Filling the water tank with water)

 (Damian and Max relaxing after a busy, hot day)

Day 3:  The machines finished up here this morning, doing the last bit of backfilling and boring the holes for the toilet block and some fruit trees. Damian concreted in the posts for the toilet block and I planted the few fruit trees we brought up with us. We started to put up the toilet block today. The previous owner Jimmy turned up and gave us a few papers etc relevant to the property. Rick and Marina turned up with our quad, and Rick then helped Damian finish putting up the toilet block and to sheet it. It looks fantastic. 

  Damian got up early this morning and installed the toilet. We now have a flushing toilet!!

 Ann and Dennis arrived this afternoon, and will spend New Years Eve here. It was a fairly quiet night, and we were in bed by about 11pm. 
Day 8:  We have spent the last couple of days a bit more relaxed. Today we went into Bundaberg to look at quads and tractors, and had lunch in Bargara. We stopped at the hardware on the way home and bought a push mower to mow the orchard, then called in to Gin Gin on the way home and did a load of washing. When we got back we mowed to orchard, it looks really good now.

 Tomorrow we will spray around the outer base of the trees to repel the weeds and then use the grass cuttings to mulch around the trees, to retain the moisture while we are back at home and not giving them a regular watering, and then we will head back home the following day.

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  1. Wow, you have been busy, looks great! Flushing toilet beats shovel and dunny roll any day, lol.

    Enjoy :)