Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Brown Snake

We got a phone call from Toni while were up at the property, to tell us there was a snake under the sheet metal up at the chook house. She was lifting up to see if there were any rats under there to still get rid of. No rats, but there was this instead.
It has been identified as a brown snake by the snake catcher, but when he came to relocate it, the snake was nowhere to be seen. If it comes back, he will come and get it. While I am terrified of snakes, well venemous ones anyway, there doesn't appear to be any rats or mice up at the chook pen anymore, which is good, he has obviously had a very good feed as there were heaps.  We are now just waiting to see if it comes back, and being extra, extra careful when we are up at the chook house, and if it does come back, we will get the snake catcher back. I am concerned about the dogs and about Kasey, and I have forbidden Kasey from playing up there at the moment until we sort it all out. We found another little black "snake" up there yesterday in the compost pile, but on closer inspection it turned out to be a legless lizard, we could see his little legs about an inch behind his head, so we put him back in the compost pile to go about his business. I am going to purchase one of those electric rat traps to try and keep any further rats at bay, to avoid any more snakes from taking up residence.

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