Thursday, November 11, 2010

My new technology

I purchased a new toy for myself today.  A Pioneer Dreambook 7" mobile internet device.  It is the less expensive version of an IPAD, and it is great.  I have ordered a 16gb micro sd card to go in to it, so then it will be a 16gb storage device, plus the extra inbuilt storage.  I wasn't going to purchase one, I was purchasing /one as a xmas gift for Michael...shhhh....because he wants a laptop and I wasn't about to spend that much on a xmas gift, and he really only wants it to access the internet I thought it would be ideal for him. They went on sale this morning, and the store sold out in 1/2 an hour this morning!!  I rang another store and they had only 3 left, so I rushed down there and purchased him one, and I was speaking to Damian on the phone and was about to drive away, and he said..did you buy one for yourself as well, and I said No...and he said "why not?" and I said..."I don't know really"...considering I really liked the IPAD's, so I rushed back in and purchased 1 for myself.  They were only $188, and  I plan on making a case for it, and using it instead of lugging around my diary, as well as my notebook in my bag. It has every thing that the IPAD has, as well as an office package, ebook reader, games, video, photos, webcam etc...and I can also download apps to it...

We are heading to Mooloolabah tomorrow for a couple of days, so a nice relaxing couple of days coming up.  I think I will take my new dreambook and transfer my diary and things over to it while I am relaxing.

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