Sunday, September 19, 2010

Handmade Sewing caddy

I finished off the sewing caddy I started last week.  It is from a Joypatch pattern called "Honeybun Fun sewing set".  The pattern has been altered slightly by using a special ruler to create the diamonds on the front and handle.  It was quite easy to make, the little diamonds on the handle were the most fiddly part because they are so small.  I am going to make a couple for different purposes, Kasey wants 1 in pink for dance, and I have downloaded some ballerina stitchery patterns to stitch out on to it.  I am also looking at making a larger one to put my thread cases in to take to classes, which I will make to specifically suit the size of the cases, as they are quite cumbersome to take to class.  I have so many projects I am wanting to make at the moment.......I have to stop looking at patterns....the craft and quilting show is on next month, so I will probably accumulate more projects there!!

I have had a nice day sewing, and Toni went and got a few movies and we all sat down and watched a DVD this afternoon, and I handsewed the binding to the caddy while we were watching the movie, so a nice relaxing day.  I was going to go to the markets this morning, but we were having showers here, and I didn't want to go in the rain.  I wanted to get some indoor foliage plants as I am replanting up our indoor planter box.  I transplanted some of the many bromeliads that are in the greenhouse in to it yesterday, and the Anthurium lilly which has not been doing very well in the garden, so hopefully it will fare better inside.  I am now looking at getting a few nice big plants to finish it off, so will post about that later when I finish it off. Hopefully I will get to the markets next Sunday to get the plants and finish it off. I am looking forward to that, as it hasn't had any plants in it for about 6 least....I have to sit down tonight and work out some school holiday activities, I have a couple of trips to the movies planned, and I am also looking at going to the zoo with a picnic for the day, and also packing up a picnic and taking Kasey over to one of the big playgrounds for a day well as some relaxing days at home of course


  1. Thank you Debra for your advice about my soap... I am so pleased that it will neutralise! What a relief! Celia