Thursday, September 2, 2010

The mini bathroom makeover

A couple of weeks ago, I did a little mini bathroom makeover.  I purchased a couple of stems of tall silk flowers, and some potpourri, and some vanilla scented flowers, and a balinese type "Relax" decoration on special for $5... total cost of the makeover was only about $40, as I already had the tall spaghetti vase and the flower arrangement...and it made such a difference, it seems like ages since I have spent some time prettying up an area of the house, and the girls have managed to keep it tidy (well...mostly) for 2 weeks now....this is a miracle in are a couple of pics

I am getting itchy feet with wanting to pretty up the house and do a bit of renovationg here and there, and start spending some more "home" time, and also start to spend some time in the garden....maybe it's spring fever setting in.....   :)  It has been 30 deg here today, so Winter seems to have said it's still quite cold at night though...I woke up during the night last night freezing, and it is starting to cool down quite a bit now as well....but the day has been beautiful.  I had sewing club today, I have started making a Xmas table centre, using prairie points, and next months project is matching placemats.  I will post some pics once I have finished it,which I am hoping to get to tonight,  it is in lovely gold, red and green tones, and is very regal and rich looking, and will set off the Xmas table setting really nicely.  Well, better go and organise dinner, and the fire and water the vege garden, and hang out some more washing,  and all of the other usual daily gets a bit mad around this time of the day...

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  1. I love the makeover and I need to do something with my bathroom but I am still thinking:-)