Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My frustrating bag/purse insert sewing project.....the saga continues.....

This morning was coffee morning with Tammy. Tammy is returning to the workforce tomorrow. We had a nice chat and will catch up again next week. I spent the afternoon plodding around home, mainly on the computer, and doing the mountain of washing (compliments of Toni not cleaning her room for about the last month, and hoarding the dirty laundry in her room!!!)  and then tonight I went for the makeup class for my bag insert. I still have not finished it....it is a very confusing pattern, and because the instructor was teaching another class, I couldn't just zoom along with the rest of the class, I had to wait for her to finish what she was doing to give me some guidance on the parts I was having problems with. I think I spent just as much time unpicking as I did sewing, as there are so many parts to this project, it is really easy to get it wrong....very frustrating....I was going to sew a 2nd one for Mum, but I don't know if I can stand it.....Cheryl has said I can come along to the next class in a fortnight to finish it off, I think I will need to do that, as I don't know how I'll go at finishing it on my own....I may try and see if I can get the 2nd one up to the same point between now and then.....but I really don't like my chances much.....tomorrow is the BOM club, for the Back on the Farm quilt, I have a little bit of sewing to finish off on the first block, but will probably spend most of the day tracing while I have access to the lightbox for the next couple of blocks, so I can get that organised for sewing them up at the next class....it has just worked that I have had a lot of sewing classes this week, I normally would try to not have more than 1 any given week, with definitely no more than 2, but it has just worked out that way this week.....I think tracing may be a good way to spend some of the day - a bit of a quieter activity to allow me to zone out a bit.....   :)

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