Sunday, January 5, 2014

Neatening up our bedroom at the farm, and a slippery visitor

Damian has been busy up at the farm on his own this weekend. He spent most of the day yesterday in the horrible heat of 44 deg outside in the bobcat removing the slurry from the bottom of the drying out dam. He estimates he has removed about 15 cubic metres of sludge so far, so that is about an extra 15000 litres of water that the dam will take once we finally start to get some rain. He spent today building our robe in our bedroom. We have had the materials sitting ready to go for a couple of months now, he just needed to find a spare few hours to put it all together. We have had the drawer units set up with a rail in between as a temporary measure since we have been there, but it always looked untidy just because clothes hanging can tend to look a bit messy. I am going to paint the doors in a white to match the bedroom, and then I will decorate the shelf above with some nic nacs to finish it all off. I look forward to seeing it in person when I get back from Brisbane.
Damian also had a slithery visitor on Friday. I am hoping it was just passing was a pretty big one!
We have been fairly lucky since installing our snake repellers a couple of months ago, this is the first one we have seen since then. Nothing is ever 100% though, and the repellers are meant to deter the snakes from wanting to hang around, so I am hoping it was on its' way away from the repellers! Anyway, if we are going to have any I would prefer them to be black rather than brown, I would of course rather not have any...


  1. Well speaking of snakes........we live in suburbia in Brisbane and I got a knock at the front door today from a new neighbour saying there was a snake on the fence line between their place and mine and she said it was brown or at least she thought. She wanted to tell me in case it came through to our side. Let me say I am very scared of anything like that so we stayed in doors for a while. They didn't catch it but I think they lost it but that worries me because it may have come over here. We live near bushland but to come through into our backyards where the fences are to the ground......not happy about that Jan!!! I'm hoping tomorrow is a new day and I didn't even attempt to open your video other wise I probably wouldn't even sleep tonight. Good luck. I have seen those snack devices in the gardening magazines and thought they were a great idea if you lived on a you say nothing if fool proof or snake proof. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    1. I hear you Kathy, I don't like them either, but I am not as freaked about them as I used to be. I just worry about the dogs really. Snakes don't want to be around us and will usually move on if you give them the opportunity, and don't have areas where they can hide in your yard. We saw quite a few snakes in our yard in Brisbane too, so it doesn't matter where you live, they are usually around somewhere.