Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Is someone trying to tell me something??

Sunday started off being a good day. I had a bit of a sleep in, and by 11am the floors were done, dinner was in the slow cooker and I was getting set up for a day of sewing while the weather outside wasn't the greatest. Then I walked outside and was met by this:
All of the veggie seedlings I had planted are now history, and I have to find the time and energy to replant again. I am thinking someone in the universe is telling me that it isn't our time to be here on the farm just yet....so many crappy things are happening...you know when you just get the feeling that you're heading down the wrong path for this particular time in your life?? That's where I am at...


  1. oh Deb. I have the same model of greenhouse. And it also falls over a wrecks things. Now I always put a bucket of water on the bottom wrack, but yours looked pretty full, it must have been windy! I know the feeling, same as when you come home to find you left the garden gate open and the chickens have dug up all the seedlings you just planted, but you just have to keep trying and keep learning from mistakes. I still leave the gate open some days though...

    1. Thanks Liz, there just seems to be so much going wrong at the moment, wears you down....I'll be glad when 2013 is over I think...I need some positives to come our way....