Friday, June 7, 2013

My dried lemons...

The lemons have finished drying. I left them overnight in the dehydrator, and they are all nicely dried now. They look so pretty in their jars!

My juicer is still down at the other house, we are going down this weekend so I will pick it up then and juice the rest of the lemons here, and freeze the juice in 1 cup portions to use as needed. I am not keen on juicing all of those lemons by hand, so will wait for my juicer! I am also looking at making some preserved lemons and also some lemon cordial, but that will be a project for next week. I picked a large batch of chillies yesterday, they are currently drying in the dehydrator, and then I will store those in an airtight jar as well.


  1. Hi Deb, they do look gorgeous..I have so many lemons at the moment, thinking of ways I can use them...we have a freezer still full with lemon juice we juiced last year... like you in 1 cup lots to use for ginger beer, but as I've been making kombucha I haven't made ginger beer this year..So I'm wondering what do you do with all that dried lemon you have made... ..I made the lemon peel chutney a few years ago Kev said he liked it but I didn't, have you got any other ideas...I will make some lemon cordial that my Jack keeps asking me to make he loves it...Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

    1. Hi Sherrie,
      I am going to use the dried lemons to flavour iced water and to use in casseroles etc in the slow cooker. I might grind some up in to lemon powder as well, not sure on that one yet. I am also going to make some preserved lemons, lemon loaf, marmalade and things like that with the next batch of fresh ones I have picked. I want to do some dried and preserved ones up as gifts also....still lots of lemons on that tree!! hmmm....