Saturday, March 17, 2012

Severe Tropical Cyclone Lua

Damian and Michael are both working in Newman WA in the Pilbera region at the moment. At the moment they are under cyclone warning, waiting for TC Lua to reach them. It it crossing the coast as a category 4 at the moment, and will reach them some time tonight as a category 2 -3. I am worried........
I hope the cyclone loses a lot of its punch as it moves over the coast...and that their accomodation has been well built to withstand cyclones.
I have also lost 2 guinea fowl this morning, Kasey thought she would help me and went and let the chooks out, and came back up to the house to tell me, and I said that the gate on the chook pen has to be shut as the guinea fowl can't be let out yet, but it was too late, Reggie had gone up in to the nesting area and killed one and was after all the others...2 others got out, 1 has come back and we have got it back in with the other one, but the 3rd one appears to have flown away at this stage, so now we only have 2, as reggie got the other 2 as well a few weeks back,  I am hoping that the other one comes back during the day, I have tied reggie up and locked Diesel in the pool area for the day, so I hope it comes back...the guinea fowl venture is turning in to a bit of a failure at the moment...I think next time I will just get full grown ones..

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