Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Christmas shirt

I have finally gotten around to finishing my Xmas t-shirt off.
 I have been so busy trying to get the embroidery done on the patchwork quilt I am making, that it has taken precedence over everything else. I am hoping to get the quilt finished to hand stitching the binding on tonight, but that will depend on how I'm feeling after Kasey goes to bed tonight.Then I will have the accessories to finish off....oh...and her desk to paint :S..... I have most of the gift wrapping done on most things, so that's all sorted.  Just got to sort out where will actually be on Christmas day so I know what food to organise, whether we will be here, or whether we will go to Damian's family for the day. I would love to just settle here for the day, but I know Damian would like to catch up with his he can make the final decision on that one I think.  Anyway, off to meet up with a friend for afternoon tea, and then back to work with finishing things off...

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