Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just 2

Only 2 chickens have ended up hatching unfortunately...I have taken the remaining eggs away from her as it has been a week and a half since the first chicks hatched, and I have found 2 stillborn chicks, and she is spending most of her time off the eggs now. I think that the time she spent off the eggs after the first one was born definitely affected the hatching rate. There was another of the brown hens looking clucky, but she hasn't really committed to the process, so we'll see if anything progresses there.
Mummy hen is very protective of her babies, and is a very good mother. The 2 little chickens are so funny to watch, copying everything mum does.
I was going to buy a chicken tractor for them, but the seller ended up messing me around, and changed his mind from me being able to pick it up, to having to pay $50 freight, which was pretty annoying considering I live only 15 minutes away...then I remembered that friends of ours who no longer have chooks had a chicken tractor so I offered to buy theirs, but they ended up giving it to me for nothing...seems that everything happens for a reason.
The dogs are also their usual energetic selves...we seem to be managing Diesel's pain in his legs from his elbow dysplasia with his daily painkillers and he is such a happy dog

They all love playing together, 3 can be a bit of a crowd, and Diesel and Reg have their brotherly spats all the time, but overall, they all get on really well.

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