Friday, October 7, 2011

Lots happening as usual...

Well, there's been LOTS going on around here as usual. I have been busy around home getting lots of things that have been needing to be done for ages done. I had the old car in the backyard removed by a car remover...was the relics of Michael's first month of having his licence, until he broke the car, and it ended up in the backyard and that's where it stayed...for nearly 4 years! Anyway, all gone now... also had a scrap yard call around and take away the old home gym that was all rusty. My Dyson vacuum exploded, so I went out a purchased a new one, and got one with a powerhead, so spring cleaned the mattress and woollen underlay. I also pulled everything out of the office, and that has now been plastered, so now just waiting for the floor to be tiled and the walls painted, and then the desks can be moved back in. I'm currently working with a makeshift office setup in our bedroom on Kasey's old computer desk, so I am struggling for room, but it will be fine until the office renovation is finished. I have been really, really busy with weddings and preservations, still have a few more to finish off over the coming weeks, then should be back on top of things until the new year. I had to get rid of the 2nd rooster, he tried to kill Sam, my silky rooster, and even though breeding wise it would have been wiser probably to keep the plymouth rock rooster, he was so big, he was starting to get a bit scary, and he ate sooo much food, we were going through a bag of seed a week! So he has been moved on to a new home, and the whole hen house now seems to be a lot calmer. The plymouth rock hen is broody and sitting on a clutch of about 6 eggs, so we'll see what comes of that...willl probably end up with MORE roosters to rehome! I had to take Diesel to the vet this afternoon, he has a black eye of all things!  He had a large blood bruise in his eye socket, and he has taken a hard knock to his eye, but his eye itself isn't damaged, which is the main thing, it will take about a week for it to clear up. There has been lots of cleaning and clearing going on as well. I have had a painter come out and give me a quote to to sit down for that one..I think I must have picked the most expensive painter in the shire to I either need to find some cheaper quotes, or I'm back to doing it myself...I went to the doctors on Wednesday, my right ear has been playing up, been aching a little and feeling like it is throbbing down deep, turns out I have a really large hole in my eardrum, I have to go to a specialist next Tuesday, the doc thinks I may need a skin graph over the eardrum if it doesn't look like healing....I really don't want to go there, but the aching is starting to get worse so it looks like I'm going to have to take some action....I really hope things start to calm down soon, I feel like we're all falling apart!

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  1. You have been usual. I do hope your ear heals without the surgery.