Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The renovating is underway

The cabinetmaker called in last night to discuss the new kitchen...I wasn't really in the market for a new kitchen just yet, but Damian has been doing some work in the cabinet makers investment property, so they have decided to do a bit of a trade off of services. We also need a new vanity in the main bathroom, as there is just no cupboard or bench space in there, so that is getting done at the same time. I started the painting in the 3rd bedroom today....I got the ceiling done and 1 coat on the walls. I hope to finish that off tomorrow, then I am just waiting for Damian to put the new skirtings and architraves in so I can paint those, and then the new floor coverings will go in. Then it will basically be done other than the robe insert and doors which are on order with the cabinet maker which he will install in a couple of weeks. After the long weekend coming up, I will give Toni's room the same treatment and start to work my way down the house. I have finally pretty well mastered the art of cutting in under the cornice when painting, the right paintbrush makes a world of difference. I have wedding flowers coming in tomorrow and the rest of the day I will be working on the renos. I spoke to the vet today regarding Diesel..we are going to see how he goes over the next couple of weeks on glucosomine medication...hopefully we can manage things with that for him...and we are getting them some winter coats, and I may look at getting him a heated mat for his bed, will have to get Max one too or else he'll probably just steal it anyway! Hopefully all that will make a big difference to his comfort. Anyway, I'm bushed after my busy day so I am heading to bed.

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