Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I went to my first cake decorating class yesterday. I have started off with cupcakes, as it had a lot of techniques involved, and lots of decorating elements that can be transferred to bigger cakes. Quite expensive to do the class, so will only be doing 1 every month or 2 to get some more techniques under my belt. But had a fun day, and made some yummy cupcakes, and think I did quite well for my first attempt.

All of the decorations were made on the day, and the leaves and roses on the rose cupcake were all completely handmade, as were the little tiffany bows on the bow cupcakes,  the flowers and butterflys were made with a special punch. The aim is to eventually be able to add wedding cakes to the wedding flower side of things that I currently do. There are lots of beautiful classes that I can do, so I am looking forward to expanding on my skills. So, will have to go shopping now to get some tools to start off with....bugger, I hate buying things :)

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