Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Permaculture Design Course - Day 2

Day 2 - all about soil and composting. I arrived on time today - good start.  Basically the morning was about the composition of soil, how to test it and work out the PH etc . The afternoon was spent on Worm farming and composting, including building of a compost pile. We also had a look at ground covers and soil improvers. There was a couple of food presentations, 1 on sweet potato and Kate made a lovely sweet potato pie, it tasted almost like caramel tart - yummy.  Jacinta did a presentation on sweet basil, and made up a lovely pesto for us to try with crackers, also very yummy. My turn next, and I am doing Passionfruit. Day 3 of the course touches on permaculture design1..the first intro to designing a permaculture system...looking forward to it. I have taken a few photos from around the farm:

(Sweet potato beds)
( Kassava Bushes)
( More sweet potato)
( Pinto bean as a groundcover)
( Pidgeon Pea - soil improver)
( I can wear this t-shirt now)
( Signs for atmosphere)

( Pumpkin and Qld arrowroot)

( Arrowroot chopped up for the compost pile)
( Comfrey for the compost)
( Dried mango tree leaves for the compost)()
( Chopping up the greenery for the compost)
 (Garden grass clippings for the compost)
( Tree art)

( Starting to build up the pile)

( The completed pile)

 Looking forward to day 3...


  1. Happy Saint David's Day! Nice blog, like the pics!

  2. Oh I am looking forward to the passionfruit post. I think the strange plant growing next to my compost bin must be arrowroot!