Monday, January 31, 2011

Some serious decluttering...

I was working on the bedrooms last week, doing a focused clean up on them, cleaning windows, skirtings, cobwebs etc. Part of this task was also to sort out the clothing, so I set to work on Kasey's room first, and got rid of a box of things, as well as 3 garbage bags full of outgrown clothes. Then I set to work on our room...ughh...The walk in robe was in serious need of some sorting out. It's funny how you can look at something every day and totally ignore the state of it...well it's been about 10 years since I have cleaned it out, I have done wardrobe declutters in that time, but that has been getting rid of unworn clothes, not touching the shelves as well. are the before shots:

This is the pile of clothes and things being donated to Lifeline:
And here is the finished product..the wardrobe is still quite full...where did it all go before!

Also on the floor in our bedroom were my pile of craft magazines that I read before going to sleep.  So I decided now was as good a time as any to get stuck in to those as well.  I have to stop buying magazines...there is over $2000 worth of mags here...that is a few years worth though, but still....look at them all!!

These are the only remaining ones now, my collection of Handmade mags, Grass roots, fruit and veg and organic gardening mags, and my warm earth magazines.  This box was choc a block full before, as well as 2 piles in our bedroom.
15 minutes in the focus zone turned in to a whole afternoon, but it is worth it now. There were 21 bags of clothing out of our walk in robe, plus a box of unused items, bags, shoes, etc.  To say I was stuffed after this was an understatement! Damian and Kasey helped me load it all in to the car....the back of the car was jam packed full, and I dropped it all off on my way to the markets on Sunday morning. This week is the lounge room and office....I cleaned the windows in the loungeroom today, the office will be tomorrow, and then on to dusting and cleaning them over the rest of the week.

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