Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I have been to sewing today for embroidery club.  This month's project is a fascinator for Melbourne cup, which has embroidered fabric flowers, organza flowers and ribbon and feather loops sewn in the hoop.  I have done my in black, to match both my elegant eventing bag I made a few months ago, and also being black, it will go with most outfits.  I will post some photos once finished.  After this, I went and saw my naturopath.  She feels that I have got my gut infection back in a mild capacity, so has put me on a lemon and garlic medication to try and deal with that, as well as my usual supplements. I called in to a fruit and veg shop on my way home to pick up the garlic and lemon, and also called in to the organic butcher a couple of doors down, it had such a lovely old fashioned country town feel, and they were so busy. When I got home, I let the chooks out, and picked a few things from the vege garden. The beans are starting to produce, and I picked a few hundred grams of beans, a kilo or so of roma tomatoes, 7.5 kgs of rhubarb!! and a few peas. The craft show starts tomorrow, so I am planning on going as I want to have a look at sewing machines, as I would like to update mine before it gets out of date, as now that I am using it a lot, there are a lot of things the newer models have which definitely makes life easier, especially the usb stick and being able to go forward to a particular part of an embroidery quicker than by 1 stitch at a time.  I want to have a look at everything available, in 1 place, and then make an informed decision. Ann, Mum and I are going to go in on Sunday, so that will be a busy day.....I am also going to go over to Ikea at some stage in the next few days, as I need to pick up some vases for an upcoming wedding.  I am extremely tired tonight from all of the running around today, so I don't think it will be too late a night for me. I am just going to finish watching Packed to the Rafters, and then off for a shower and bed. I need to make up the lemon and garlic mix, but it needs to simmer for an hour, so I will do it tomorrow instead. The naturopath also wants me to start to come of my medication, so hopefully within the month, I will be medication free.

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  1. Deb, I love your blog, and OMG..those wedding bouquets. I love flowers...any kind...but wedding flowers are my favourite. It must be sensory overload working with so many gorgeous blooms for so many special occasions. Mimi...x