Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pretty French inspired craft

Went to a workshop yesterday with Mum. Mum wanted to do a cushion and another lampshade in keeping with the Whimsical workshop we did last year. I was going to do my dress form, but after decoupaging it in vintage sewing paper, I liked it very simple, which will allow me to change the displays on the dress form to suit my mood at the time. So, after much deliberating at the last minute on what I would make, I decided on a hat box. I am still going to paint the base white and use a computerised cutter to put some french sayings on the box, which will finish it off nicely.
While I was waiting for the paint to dry on the lid, I cut out a heart shape from some thin fabric I had in my toolbox, and stuffed it with wadding, and then embellished the heart in some stretchy rose trim I had, along with some pearl accents in the centre
I also made up a large corsage of velvet roses and lovely trims, which I will use in various displays, for the moment I will temporarily attach it to the dress form on her hips
I also changed my toolbox embellishments slightly, I incorporated more greens in to the design, and thinned some areas down, I am happier with it, but now need to touch up a couple of painted areas, which I will hopefully do tomorrow, I will then upload the updated photos. So the display of the items I finished yesterday ties together one corner of the bedroom nicely. I still want to add in some rustic features just so it is not quite so feminine, and more in keeping with the overall style I am wanting to finish off the decorating with.
We had a lovely, relaxing fun day of crafting...looking forward to doing it again some time soon.

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