Monday, May 7, 2012

A bit of crafting on the front verandah

I decided to paint the cabinet that used to be inside which we were using for the tv and audio equipment. It used to be purple, but I painted the outside white, and left the inside purple for a bit of interest. I decided I would use it to decorate part of the front verandah, to make a start on prettying it all up. I gathered lots of bits and pieces from around the place to decorate it, I quite like how it has all come up, I still  have a few finishing touches to add, and once I start to add more decorative pieces around the rest of the verandah, it will all start to tie in together. It hasn't cost anything so far, as I have just used what I already had, and I now just want to buy some jute type fabric to make up a couple of wreaths. I also want to paint the concrete, which will lift things substantially. I have used pinecones that the neighbours collect for us, to use in the fireplace, as accents to balance out the display.
 I got these chicken statues for free on freecycle last year
 This rooster was lots of different washed out colours, I painted him in white, with some gold accents
 I also painted this hen to match in white, with gold accents, and made her a little vine nest to sit in
 I gathered up some sticks from the yard and tied them off with some natural string and some gold painted accents, I also added some horseshoes that I had here from reshoeing the horses
 Toni gave me this little farm girl for my birthday, she goes really well in this setting
 I have lots of these galvanised buckets here from when I had my florist shops, and the fairy statue I got with the chicken statues for free. I have also had this window frame sitting around for about 15 years, waiting for me to do something with it. And the mirror is from the bathroom before the renovation, I also painted it white.
 This is how it has all come together
 I still have to put handles back on the cupboards and drawer, but will get those from the hardware later in the week.
I am hoping that everything is still in place tomorrow, and that the dogs haven't decided to "rearrange" things for me. 

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