Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today was going along swimmingly....I had even headed out to the shed to start on a craft project, when I heard a ruckus coming from the chook pen which did not sound normal, I ran up there to find Michael's dog had broken in to the chook pen, I still do not know how, and he has killed 3 of my new white leghorn's and 1 of my guinea fowl.....he is now tied up while I figure out what to do...Michael isn't contactable right now as he is in WA but he is going to have to find somewhere else for Reggie to stay or else pay for him to go to a trainer, it's such a shame as Reggie is a lovely natured dog, he just can't control himself around my chickens...damn....he used to be fine with them, I could go out all day and the chooks would be out with all 3 dogs, but all of a sudden he turned, and started killing them....why do they do that?


  1. Oh Deb how heart breaking for you. I know exactly what you mean because our 1 year old Kelpie Jessie is obsessed with our chickens. She sits and watches them and sometimes jumps at the fence. We had a baby chicken get out and I found it burried in the garden. There was no blood and no broken skin so I wonder if she just played with it to death. Either way we know we cannot have our chickens out in the yard so they have a big pen (about 50 sq metres) with 5 foot fencing.

    1. Thanks Fiona, I was really flat for a couple of days. I am beginning to think Reggie has snuck in behind me when I entered the pen and scooted straight up the ramp in to the house area without me seeing, it's the only thing that makes sense as I just can't see how he has gotten in otherwise as the area is pretty secure, cattle dogs can be so sneaky.