Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Late night cleaning....and territorial guinea fowl.

Up late tonight after watching the state of origin on tv. Suddenly had the urge to do some when I have the urge, it is best not to fight it, as the desire to mop my floors does not come too often. So out came the steam cleaner, and the floors are now all lovely and clean. While I had the steam cleaner out I steam cleaned the rugs and mats, and the main bathroom shower and the toilet, oven, sink and stove. Tomorrow I am off to pick up some floral supplies for the business, and then down the Gold Coast to look at some seat covers for the car, and then off to Ikea...yay...I love going to Ikea, I have only ever been twice, and the last time I was in a rush, as I needed some vases for a wedding,  so didn't really get time to look around. Toni is going to pick Kasey up from school for me, so I have plenty of time to look around, and have lunch there.
I also moved the remaining 3 new chooks over to the smaller pen, as the guinea fowl are being really territorial in the big chook pen, and really giving them a hard time, and it has not improved at all in the couple of weeks the chooks have been here. So I am not sure at this stage whether I will move all the chooks to a new pen and keep the guinea fowl where they are or whether I will divide up the big chook pen and try and integrate any new ones that way....I have been doing some research and apparently it is quite normal for the guinea fowl to be very territorial, and it can take 6 weeks or so for them to accept anything new in to their territory, I suppose that is why they are so good at keeping snakes at bay, as they don't accept them in to their territory and attack them or drive them away. They were so bad that I had to start putting food and water in the top nesting area for the new chooks as they would not let them come down to eat or drink. So, they will have a chance to have a reprieve for a few days, and as Michael is home for a week tomorrow night, I might see if he can help me divide up the big pen...baha....wishful thinking there I think....anyway, better go to bed or I'm not going to feel like getting out of bed to go anywhere tomorrow  :)

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