Thursday, May 17, 2012

A few more finishing touches

Been doing a little bit of shopping for some finishing touches to renovating the house. I purchased a couple of french inspired pieces, a lovely big wall clock, about 700mm in diameter
I also purchased this lovely Eiffel Tower decoration

And last night I made this fabric wreath, while watching Offspring on TV. All of these items are going in to our bedroom.
Today I also purchased a lovely timber roller blind for the window behind our bed, which will go in well with the design. I like the french provincial, vintage look, but I don't want it cluttered or too feminine. I am going to go to the recycling shop tomorrow and see what I can find over there, as I have it in my head how I want it all to look, but just need to find the right pieces. I have found some beautiful design ideas and craft projects on pinterest, which is inspiring me to get my act together and start putting the finishing touches on things. I am off to a workshop with Mum on Monday, I am going to work on my dress form mannequin that I purchased last year with the intention of giving it a facelift, which will go in well with how all the designs are coming along. to hang a roller blind....
Update: I have now installed the blind, and put up some fabric as a finishing touch on the top and sides of it, it's starting to come together...


  1. Oh that is going to look beautiful - love that clock ;)

    1. Thanks African Aussie, I'm pleased with how it's all coming together....