Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A simple home made gift for a friend....

I'm having a cuppa with Tammy this morning....we don't do a big gift exchange at Xmas...just something small..I have made her a gift basket of my home made soaps as she is always asking me for more...and I have included a jar of chilli jam, strawberry jam and a mini christmas cake, and a few chocolates. I had the basket here in my stash as well as the cellophane etc, so not a big $ cost to put this together, just my time to make the goodies. I also included a home made card, I made this at the last card class earlier this month.
We had a family pre-Christmas get together here on Sunday, as we don't all get a chance to be at the same place on Xmas day. It was nice to have most of the family together.  The weather wasn't the best, but as we have a large undercover entertainment area, it didn't make any difference to our plans. Not too stressful this week, everything is pretty well organised for Christmas, just a few little things to finish off, and my diary is fairly sparse, so I have lots of time to just potter around at home and fnish things off at my leisure. A little bit of running around this morning, but nothing too much. Anyway, I'm off to put on a load of washing and do the floors before I head off for my Tuesday cuppa...

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  1. That looks so, so pretty Deb...great job. Merry Christmas!