Friday, December 24, 2010

Home made Christmas Gifts from the heart

I have finished all the wrapping and prepping, and now just waiting for Santa to come...
I have made up a few little gifts for a few people that I just wanted to give something small to..

Jams and Christmas cake in a gift box

Jam and soap gift box
A Secret Santa gift including a gift voucher, soaps, jams etc

Another secret santa gift including a cd, giftcard, wine, soaps and chilli jam

Boxed chiili jams

Boxed chilli jam and Onion Jam

A soap and chilli jam gift box

So, some nice gifts given from the heart, which won't cause clutter, and all handmade, other than the couple of gift cards and wine and cd in the secret santa gifts. The chilli jam was made from home grown chillies I have been growing and freezing throughout the year in preparation for making up a large batch for Christmas gifts. The christmas cakes I made in tuna cans to make up single serve cakes, and they are beautiful and moist this year, as I taste tested one today...yummy!!

So...Merry Christmas everyone...hope the day is a beautiful one....


  1. Love the homemade gifts and I am sure they will really be appreciated.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family

  2. Hi Deb, do you have a recipe for your chili jam ...I've got chili's growing would love to give it a try and maybe make for gifts next year ! Here's wishing you and your family a very happy new year 2011 ! filled with love,health,happiness,peace & joy !
    Sherrie :)

  3. What nice gifts! I'm sure the recipients were very happy!

  4. Hi Sherrie,
    Here is the link to the chilli jam recipe:
    Wishing you and yours a great 2011 as well :)