Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happenings around the place...

My oldest "brown" chicken died overnight, I said to Damian last night that I didn't think she would last much longer, her comb was pink instead of red and floppy instead of upright, and she didn't want to go in to the pen last night, and let me just walk up and pick her up, which is very unusual for her. I found her dead in the pen this morning...I was very hesitant walking up there this morning, fully expecting to find her dead...just old was just her picked up the shovel and dug her a big hole, lucky we have had all of this rain and the ground was nice and soft. 

On a brighter note...Kasey has her class breakup party today, so we made star and Xmas tree shaped cookies last night, and iced them in red and green icing and hundreds and thousands.  I also made up some rocky road and wrapped these up with a christmas card and a thank you note for her teacher. We got her class lists for next year yesterday, and she is in the same class as 2 of her best friends, so she is happy.

I organised Damian's xmas present this morning, will pick that up either tomorrow or Monday when it comes in. I finished most of the wrapping yesterday, so everything is looking pretty organised. Toni's xmas present is just about here, I have been tracking it online, and it is very close by this morning, so I am expecting it this afternoon or tomorrow morning, Hopefully it comes before Toni finishes work, so I can take it out and make sure it is all as it should be...fingers crossed.  The bricks for the pool pump house arrived on Monday, and Toni has moved all of those to where they need to be for the bricklayer, not sure when he will be able to come, we were hoping this weekend, but we're not liking our chances for before Christmas.  We also had the termite protection done on Monday, and they also re-did the pest control as we had started to see a few little nasties again, so they did that under warranty as it had only been 6 months since they came. I also had some straw delivered yesterday, so that I can thickly mulch the vege garden ready for a new planting. 

Being home a lot more at the moment is seeing things get more organised much more quickly, which is great.  With Kasey being on school holidays from this afternoon, I am looking forward to the morning schedule being much more relaxed for a few weeks...even though I do get much more done when I get up earlier! to clean the shower....(sarcastic yay)

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  1. It is so much better when the mornings are more relaxed and not rushing around,lol. Looks like the Christmas shopping is coming along fine:0)