Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quarantine....the new regime for the chickens

The silver chinese silkie didn't make it through the night, she hasn't been very active since I got her, but I didn't associate it with anything being wrong with her as she was still eating and drinking and walking around, just sat alot,  but on reflection, I think perhaps she may have been the cause of the disease coming in as she has always been much smaller than the other silkie, and when I picked her up yesterday she weighed almost nothing. It's hard to see with the chinese silkies if they are drooping because they are so fluffy. The 2 remaining chicks are still with us this morning, so I am hoping that I have gotten to them in time.  So, what have I learnt from all of this, .....quarantine..... any new chooks coming in will need to be quarantined away from any other chooks while I treat them for coccidiosis as a preventative measure and boost them up with multivitamins, for a 4 week period. After this time they can be put in with the other girls. I also wasn't aware that all strains of the disease were not medicated for in the starter feed, so I will be sure to start all baby chicks on extra medication in their water to ensure they are strong and healthy. Got to learn something from all of this I suppose...

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