Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our mini break...

We returned from the property on Monday. We had a really relaxing time away, and didn't really want to come home. Easter was quite busy as we didn't leave until Good Friday, and we had car problems on the way, a turbo hose blew out, and we spent a bit of time on the roadside fixing it, and finished the trip with no turbo connected. 

After the Easter weekend, we headed to the property and took delivery of the tractor, and started on some slashing. We also had a dozer out to prep the pad for the shed, so that the next time we go up, we can organise to get the concrete slab prepped.

The neighbours cattle on the track on the way out of the property.
 Damian on the tractor slashing
 The dogs swimming in the dam
 Back at home, and all is starting to calm down a little. Unfortunately, Kasey's guinea pig came down unwell, and died.  Kasey is ok about it, and once we have disenfected the hutch, and left it in the sunshine to get rid of any bacteria that might have caused him to come down sick, we will look at getting her another one. This time though, only from a reputable dealer, not from the markets. I feel like I am living on the killing fields here at the moment, all I seem to do lately is bury animals. I found one of the baby chicks dead this morning, I'm really not sure what happened, they were all fine last night, I think it may have been stood on. I have since moved the chinese silkies and the guinea fowl over to the large chook house, so that mum and babies are in the chicken tractor on their own. I have another clucky hen at the moment, so I may look at getting some other day olds to pop under her, to try and build my stocks back up.  I picked our bunch of bananas from our tree, we probably lost about 2 kilos to birds, but still managed about 4 kilos of bananas, which is plenty to eat at one time, they seem to be ripening at different stages which is good, if they all start to ripen at once, I may dry some.
I also managed a small passionfruit harvest, definitely not a lot on the vines this year, but that seems to be the way it has been in general this year. 
So, I am enjoying home grown bananas and passinfruit, with home made yoghurt.

 Today I harvested some radish, and the sweet corn. The corn was really small, but the cobs were all well pollinated, and there were plenty of kernels on the small cobs, and they were really sweet and delicious.
So, lots of new plantings to go in to the vegie garden now, I should receive my garlic tomorrow, so I can get those in as well, and I will be picking up some more seedlings over the next few days to refill the empty spaces. Lots to do as usual.

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