Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gardening and Baking around the place...

Been busy around the place the last few days. The mowing is nearly all done, so I have been baking and re-planting up the vegie garden.

Banana Cake with Dates and Honey
Flowering Basil 
 Cabbage starting to take off
 Ceylon Spinach
 Comfrey doing well
 Eggless Date Loaf
 Eggplant still producing lots of fruit
 Homemade yoghurt
 Newly planted lettuce
 Lovage - Perrenial Celery
 Luffas have gone crazy
 Spuds have resprouted
 Rhubarb is doing well, about 6 months old
 Newly planted rocket
 Strawberries are giving me some fruit
 Newly planted sweet potato is starting to go well, I have planted a clumping one, a purple one and an orange one
 Tomato seedlings sprouting
 Whippersnapper cherry tomatoes - newly planted
 The dogs are helping (hindering) the chooks and guinea fowl going away for the night
 Comfrey fertiliser
 Nasturtiums have self seeded in lots of places
There are other things that I have planted including green and purple beans, peas, endive - perennial lettuce, cabbages, cauliflowers, brussel sprouts, etc.  Still want to plant some carrots and a few other things here and there, I'm really striving for a lush looking vegie garden, and have been spending an hour or 2 each afternoon digging over areas that I am about to plant in to, and fertilising and watering, so my efforts should pay off hopefully.  Kasey was home sick today with a sore throat and headaches, so hopefully she is feeling better tomorrow. Michael is home from WA tonight for a week, so hopefully he can start to train his dog to leave my chickens and guinea fowl alone! He (the dog, not Michael, hehe) is being tied up for an hour each afternoon so I can let them all out to free range, but it really is a hassle that I would rather do without. I will try and get up to the library tomorrow to take back some books and pick up a couple of others I have reserved. It's starting to get very chilly here in the mornings and late afternoons, won't be long before we have to start lighting the fire. 


  1. Oh your garden is looking lovely. I too am aiming to have a lush veggie garden this year. I have lots of little seedlings and keep checking on them (maybe that is why they don't seem to be getting bigger) I need to check less often! I love those little labels you have.

    1. Thanks for that, we are getting some lovely rain today, which all of the seedlings will love I'm sure. I love those lables as well, there were only 3 kinds to choose from, but I have seen another idea for labels recently which I plan to try and will post about if they turn out! Deb :)