Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Silent Nagging...

Damian and Michael have headed up to the property today... they have gone up to prep the slab for the shed, which, depending on the weather, will be poured this weekend. If the rain up there is as heavy as it has been down here, then it may have to be put off, as I'm not sure we could get trucks in! So, I did my housework this morning, and then because the day has been very heavy rain, I got a little bit crafty. I was looking at signs similar to this on ebay, and was nearly going to buy them, until I remembered my digital scrapbooking program, and decided I would make my own. This is the first one I have finished, and it has come up a treat.

I have now hung it in the loo, as silent nagging a gentle "reminder".  I have also made some up for the bathroom, laundry and kitchen, so I am hoping it reminds my darling children to bloody well clean up after themselves :) I need to find some more frames or display ideas for the rest of the signs I have made, and then I will post some photos once I have done them. Got to go and set up the sewing machine now to do some embroidery for a friend that she has been waiting on since before Xmas....


  1. I would end up with signs all over house:0)

    1. Lol Debbie.... I am trying not to let that happen.... but you never know!