Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Clearing up and continuing on with the renovations...

Things have been pretty busy since we got back from the property. We spent an afternoon up the back completely clearing up the chook pen area. We cleared out a few bits and pieces, lifted up the sheet metal, pulled about a foot of beautiful compost off the ground in the chook pen and added to our compost pile, and refilled the chook pen with some sugar cane mulch, to keep them happy and dry. Damian rotary hoed some of the back area along the fence line, so I can plant the pumpkin vines along there instead of taking up precious room in the vegie garden. We have spent the last couple of days painting the office, the painting is now finished, and we went out yesterday and purchased the new desks etc to finish the renovation in there. Damian is going to try and fit all of that tomorrow, and then we can move our office supplies back in there, and finally get all of the stuff off the pool table, and reclaim our bedroom.

(Our newly plastered, tiled, painted and refurnished office...light, clean, airy and spacious)

This afternoon I spent some time in the vegie garden, I grabbed some seedlings today as I haven't had the time to pot up any seeds, so I planted some lettuce, radish, corn, rockmelon, zucchini, watermelon, marigold, sunflowers, cucumber and pumpkin. With all of the heat that we've had lately, the weeds have taken off a bit in there, but I pulled some up today, and will spray the others with vinegar and remulch those areas after that. We may possibly head back up to the property this weekend as the cattle sales are on up there on Monday, but we haven't fully made up our minds yet, we may leave it to next month yet. While we were away, I asked Toni to take the eggs off the clucky hen as it had been 29 days since she sat, and none of the remaining 11 eggs hatched, which is really disappointing. I havecontacted the seller of the fertile eggs to let her know that the eggs were infertile, poor Toni copped a couple of them exploding on her, she says that she has never smelled anything so vile. So, that's the update for the moment.

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