Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trying times at Schoolies for Toni....

Toni has just rung me from Schoolies, and has had her phone, laptop and camera stolen from the boot of her car.  Someone has gone in to their tent while the girls have been asleep and taken her keys and got the stuff from the boot of her car.  They have also taken one of the other girl's phone, and one of the other girls car keys have also been stolen, and also a tent 2 sites down was also broken in to.  The police have been and don't hold out much hope for them getting their stuff back.  Grrr............I don't like her chances of getting her things back....very disappointing.....why is there scum like this that ruin things for other people...lucky I believe in Karma......It's the precious memories like all of the photos the girls have taken that are the most annoying, and the fact that it was a Mac computer, and it was to be for uni for Toni next year as well.   We're not covered on insurance for any of it either....and also the fact the some bloke has been in the tent while the girls have been asleep.  1 of the girls woke up and saw a guy that she didn't know in the tent, and thought that he was with one of the other girls (hmmm) and promptly went back to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm getting quite angry about the whole thing now, and also about just how safe the girls are... I am going to look at some other accomodation I think, as Toni says there is nothing left for anybody to steal, but the safety issue is of a concern now...I was put at ease when I dropped their stuff off on Saturday as there was plenty of security at the park, wristbands to get in, no drinking allowed on site etc....but it's the other people coming in that are the worry...


  1. That is terrible for her, I hope thay catch who did it. It is a worrying time when your kids are at schoolies.

  2. Ohhhhhh nooooo that is terrible. As you probably know from my blog our pair are both at schoolies also, having fun and staying safe but it's not them we have to worry about it's other scumbags like the ones that stole your daughters belongings!

    Best of luck in the recovery of your items and hope your daughter remains safe at all times!