Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Stockings

I picked up my new sewing machine today......yay...very excitng.  My first project was at embroidery club today, where we made up embroidered Christmas Stockings.  These are made in the embroidery hoop, and the only straight sewing involved is joining the lining to the outer stocking, other than that it is all sewn in the hoop.  I have decided to put names on them of the nieces and nephews, and in them I will put their Christmas gifts...currently on the agenda are movie tickets, chocolates and a Movie Pack in a stocking!  So this is stocking number 1

I have now made another, and am on to the 3rd....
Tomorrow I am going to be sewing for the day, trying to catch up on quite a few unfinished projects, such as the Xmas tree skirt, the some more stockings, a shirt, a bun warmer etc....phew....the list is quite long, plus I have a few other unfinished Xmas gifts to work on as well...I had better spend some serious time with the sewing machine over the next couple of weeks.  I was planning on being so organised this year with Xmas....hmmmm...don't quite know what happened there.... 8>\ 


  1. Hi Deb, Your christmas stocking is very regal looking you are very clever.Did you use red velvet fabric ? I'm in the process of making christmas stockings for christmas gifts myself but more shabby chic/ rustic I will post them on my blog when completed.It's lovely seeing what every one makes can be very inspiring!
    have a great day ! Sherrie from simple living !

  2. That is so pretty with the embriodery. Your new machine must be fun to use :-)

  3. Sherrie, the material is a red cotton fabric, but the embroidery makes it look much thicker, I look forward to seeing yours once they're done....
    Deb, my new machine is really lovely to use...I just have to get used to all the functions!