Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kasey's Xmas list

Kasey has written up her Christmas it is very cute....she has some big dreams about what Santa can fit in his sleigh though.....

 so, she would like a 
 Remote control helicopter, tyre swing, remote control cars, a "real" computer, ice cream maker, milk shake maker, dolls house, lots of stickers, cake maker, crazy sunglasses, card making supplies, bunk bed, cup cake maker, radio, cd's and a tv!!!  Phew.....just a few things.....She has addressed her letter to Santa at the North Pole, and will post it tomorrow.....I just love the spelling and the writing, she is sounding out all of her words, and while not everything is spelled correctly, I can understand everything she has written...and she did it all by herself....
Tomorrow I am heading to the shops for the day, to try and wrap up some of the Christmas shopping...knowing me I will get to a point where I just go, that's it, I've had enough and I'm going home, and it tends to happen very not sure if it will be the whole day yet (well, school hours anyway) or if I will only be able to stick it out for the morning....

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  1. The Santa wishlist is cute ,my boys used to write them too:0)
    Have fun out shopping, it can drive me mad sometimes and I head home fairly quick.