Monday, November 29, 2010

Kasey's swimming carnival - age champion!

Kasey had her very first school swimming carnival on Friday.  She had a wonderful day and came first in all of her races, which were freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.  At lunch time all the kids were allowed to play in the mushroom fountain pool, and all the parents could sit around the pool in lounges watching them, which was lovely and relaxing.  Later in the afternoon, the awards were given out, and Kasey won age champion for the 6 year girls group for the day!  Who knew?? I am so glad I went along for the day, and stayed for the whole day and took lots of photos.  At the scrapbooking retreat on the weekend I scrapped a couple of pages on her achievement, and I will frame them for her to hang on her wall.  I included her ribbons on the pages, so they will not get lost and will stay with her photos of the day. I will now have to look at enrolling her in the swimming squad as she seems to have a talent in the pool.

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