Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Schoolies theft update

I am soooo tired, I have just got back from down the coast about an hour ago.  Poor Kasey was so tired, and just wanted to go to bed.  I booked the girls into alternative apartment accomodation, and went down and collected their stuff and booked them into their room.  It has only ended up costing them less than $10 per night extra each for their accomodation, rather than a tent in a caravan park...I don't know why they didn't just go this way in the first place.  I have told them they need to be on their best behaviour as the room bond has been charged to my credit card...so they know how much trouble they will be in if something gets charged to my card.  There is secure undercover gated parking, and the shuttle bus which takes them in to Surfers is right outside their room.  Toni has ended up recovering her camera, it was under her car, so the person who stole the other stuff must have dropped it.  I purchased her a new cheapy phone today, so now it is just her laptop which she is without.....of course the most expensive item.  I am hoping that there is a slim chance she is still covered on the school insurance as it has only been a few days since leaving school, but I doubt it....ugh...I need to go to bed...


  1. So lucky you could find other accomodation with it so busy and all!

  2. There was surprisingly a good amount of accomodation still available down there, and they are now in a resort with pools, gym, sauna etc, and it was so reasonably priced, and they were very accomodating with them being schoolies...so the girls were very excited...

  3. There is a wonder there was any accomodation left. I know when my son went it cost him $1500 for the week and there were 4 people in the apartment. They certainly mark up the prices for schoolies.