Friday, April 30, 2010

What happened to Friday??

Where has today gone?? This morning I had a cuppa with Tammy, had a nice chat, before heading off to part 2 of the beginners patchwork class I am doing. Managed to finish the table runner, bar the hand sewing of the binding, which I will do at home. While there, I purchased the few bits and pieces I needed to finish off the few UFO's, and some material for the keyboard cover we are starting on next week. After that, I went over to Jessica's and had both my and Kasey's hair cut. If feels sooo much better. I have gone back to about shoulder length and have a fringe again, it looks so much better. I know I have squeezed a fair bit in to the day, but the days/weeks/months just seem to go so quickly at the moment. I am so glad it is the weekend, I love not having to get up and rush out the door in the mornings. I am hoping to do some more sewing over the weekend and catch up on some more of my UFO's, and perhaps start a couple of new projects I would like to do...hehehehe.......goodness knows I have so many things I would like to make, and so many things I would like to week will be a bit busy, as I am off to Sydney with Ann for a couple of days, and then have sewing all day on Thursday, and cuppa morning with Tammy on Friday morning, as well as an appointment with the accountant. The following week will be busy as well, as I have a few things in the diary for that week already, as well as a wedding that week. So overall, May is looking to be quite busy, but then it should settle down again for a couple of months with just a few weddings,  before really busying up for the wedding season....

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