Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a fantastic Easter break. Our friends have 100 odd acres at Kolonga, and we always head up there for Easter to avoid the Easter camping crowds at the many camp spots around. We camp in a lovely shaded area beside the creek, and our friends who own the block camp down there as well in their caravan.

All of the kids came, and had a great time. They did quad bike riding
Motorbike riding (ahem.....fixing...)


Easter Egg Hunting

Swimming in the dam

 Relaxing with friends

I had lots of time for craft and reading

We arrived at Kolonga at about 4pm on Thursday, as we didn't leave home until about 10.30am, and we had a stop for lunch, it was a long trip

By the time we got there, we had a quick catch up with Rick and Marina, and then settled back for an easy dinner and drinks around the campfire. Saturday, the kids went swimming in the dam, and we spent the afternoon riding the quads and reading and doing craft etc. We had a roast in the camp oven for dinner, and then did firetwirling with Lyle and Faye supplying the equipment. Then we finished off the day around the campfire. Sunday we did the yearly easter egg hunt for the kids, and then had a little birthday party for Adam who was turning 6. We also did a tug of war

After this we did the yearly Kolonga Golf tournament, put on by Lyle and Faye, the kids had a balll, and came home with a couple of trophies.

Sunday night we had steak and vegies for dinner, and settled back by the campfire (again) Monday morning was spent around the campsite with the kids playing, and I baked a loaf of bread as we had run out, we cooked it in the camp oven

The boys went fishing in the afternoon at Lake Monduran which backs onto the property here, and Marina and I went up to the shed to do some scrapbooking, didn't achieve too much but did 3 pages

After this we just had an easy dinner of sausages and vegies, and did a bit of packing up as the holiday has just about come to an end. Tuesday morning was up early, and we left by about 8am, and headed into Gin Gin for breakfast, and then started the long journey home. We got home about 1.30pm. 

Another Easter holiday that has gone way too quickly....but we had great fun :)

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