Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Craft studio progress

Well, after the last few months of establishing the business, Christmas etc, we have gotten back in to getting the craft studio finished off. The painting and floor has been done. So, on the weekend, we started the building of the benches.

We have also pulled out the sofa bed mechanism from a sofa bed I picked up for free last year, and we have built a box for it to go in to. I am going to upholster the box with textured fabric, and then cover the cushion and make it all look good. This way we will be able to use it as guest accomodation as well.
I also have a beautiful cupboard that I was given by Mum and Dad, and I am going to use that in the craft room, but it needed renovating. So I have started painting it.

 I have been painting the hinges and handles as well, in black, as they are all quite fancy and original.
I am hoping to finish putting it all back together today and move it in. So then we still need to stain the timber bench tops, install some shelving, then install the blind and  do the cladding on the outside to make it look nice, and I will be able to start moving things in and doing the decor...yay...can't wait. Toni has arrived up here to visit for a couple of days, so looking forward to spending some quality time with her while she is here.

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