Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hand made wall hangings

I made 3 wall hangings for the dining room yesterday, cost was under $15 each to make. I am quite happy with them. I used lightweight ply sheets, and covered them in wallpaper, it was very quick and easy. I am going to finish them off with a few splashes of textured paint in black or silver to hide a few imperfections here and there, but I love the look of them. The colours go really well with the colour scheme I am ending up with through the house.
I am currently out in the office, I have set the sewing machine up out here, and I am working on the bed runner I started last weekend. It is coming up beautifully, just got to work out whether I am going to use wadding and back it, or just hem it...hmmm...decisions...

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  1. I just made a duvet cover for our study/guest room. Then decided the walls needed something extra. I found stashed away some African batiks and am thinking of stretching them onto a frame - maybe over a piece of plywood is a better way to go... it seems as though this is the season for re-decorating.