Monday, January 3, 2011

We're down to 6....

It's been a quiet couple of days here since the start of the new year. We have all just been sitting around doing not too much at all.  We lost another chook yesterday..I wasn't expecting this one, not too sure what happened as she was only 2 years old...I am wondering whether she may have eaten some rhubarb leaves as they are's the only thing I can think of other than a snake bite as she was showing no signs at all of being unwell. So we are now down to 6 chooks, we have lost quite a few in the last 12 months, so I will have to look at getting a few more again.  I would like the heritage breeds this time, so I will keep my eyes open and start to accumulate a few more. There were some lovely ones offered on freecycle yesterday, but I missed out on those...gotta be quick!   Kasey has gone to her friends house for a sleepover, so we took the opportunity and went to see a "grown up" movie last night, instead of the usual PG offerings!  We went and saw The Tourist...very good movie. Not sure what is on the agenda today, Damian is heading out to the dump to get rid of some rubbish now. I wouldn't mind taking a drive to see the latest prize home and get some ideas for our home renovations we have planned for this year, but will depend how Damian feels when he gets back. He is going to get rid of the roller doors he took off our garage on Friday and he is trawling around trying to find other "stuff" and rubbish to take at the same time...he left his side gate up when he drove his ute out, and took out the middle section at the front of the garage, so he has pulled it all out so it is all open at the front, as we have plans of getting a full panel lift door for it, but that is a little way off yet, we want to get it bricked in first, and we also have to deal with the flooding issue that we have in heavy rain, as the water flows through the garage in heavy rain, so we need to divert the water some more to get that right before we do anything else to it.  Always something to do!

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