Friday, January 21, 2011

Some gorgeous tropical flowers in the garden...

I have been waiting and waiting for my Beehive Ginger to flower.  I haven't looked at it for a couple of months, and I looked at it today when I was over that way, and was pleasantly surprised to see my beehive ginger flowering....I love, love, love these flowers, they are one of my favourite tropical cut flowers, and they look fantastic in modern floral arrangements....makes me want to get back in to sending out flower arrangements for customers again...hmmm, don't think I am quite ready for that just yet....  :)

I have also got some beautiful heliconias flowering at the moment as well, these are stunning in modern flower arrangements as well.

At the very least these beautiful flowers make me want to be out in the garden planting lots more of these lovely tropical flowers, so that they are scattered all through the garden....lots of work to do in the garden at the moment, lots of rain means LOTS of weeds....blah....and I really want to get in to my greenhouse and put some more plants in there as well....lots to do....I would like to get a garden mulcher as well, as I have a lot of palms and they lose so many fronds, so I would love to turn them in to something useful and mulch them over the garden...something else to add on to the "want" list....


  1. I like both those flowers especially the ginger:0)

  2. I LOVE beehive ginger too and luckily thought to take some when we left our last house. As we are still renting I have it in pots and it hasn't flowered. I also had heliconia at our last place - parrots beak and crab claw so I'm hoping I have got cuttings from both (also not flowering in pots). Enjoy reading your blog!